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Every week we do a Wee Love It Wednesday and it warms our heart to see how happy everyone is to participate and to win!

This week’s is a very special edition as we have enlisted the help of our friends at Cate & Levi and have brought you the Penguin Party! Click the pic to enter!

WLW-C&LA spring update as well! Wee Urban will be appearing at these two very awesome baby shows over the next 2 months! Write them in your calendar!

NL-ShowsA product update! We are very pleased to announce the arrival of our new designs in Canadian rompers! They will be up on the website within the coming weeks! Get them while quantities last!



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DOW – Wee Urban Deals of the Week

Every week we do a very special Wee Love It Wednesday giveaway for all of your amazing fans to show them just how much we appreciate them.

This week we kicked it into high gear with a special St. Paddy’s day edition alongside another giveaway with our pal’s over at Spray Pal!

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St. Paddy’s Drinks… Clean Ones!


We’re all about inclusivity at Wee Urban, so we want to make all of you are able to enjoy St. Paddy’s as much as possible.

Here we have 5 different St. Patrick’s Day recipes for drinks sans alcohol. For the DD, or the little ones! Everyone can enjoy these flavourful drinks, some of which are even healthy!


1) St. Patrick’s Day Punch

This great punch is simple and made with only 3 ingredients (sherbet, pineapple juice and ginger ale), it’s fun, festive and super easy to put together in a jiff.

check out the full recipe here at Pocket Change Gourmet 


2) Homemade Shamrock Shake

Mint, mint, mint…. mmmmm mint. If you’re a fan, well you’ve come to the right place as our popular green flavour is oh so ever popular for St. Paddy’s. Check out the great recipe and enjoy…

[Get the recipe]

3) St. Pat-tini

It’s a mock-tail…. get it? Include your kids and enjoy… who doesn’t love Green Jello!

[View the recipe at Anders Ruff]

4) Key Lime Pie Green Smoothie

Vegan, gluten free, easy to make and healthy! Fool your kids into think they’re having a treat when they’re really being extremely healthy!

[View the recipe at Healthful Pursuit]

5) Kale Never Fails! 

Kale is the new craze, so make sure you get the young one’s on board. Disguise it as a special St. Paddy’s day treat and maybe they’ll want it every day till next March comes around.

Get the recipe here via Real Simple



Have a great day everyone! Enjoy!

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St. Paddy’s With Your Kids


1) Assuming your kids aren’t yet built for a traditional game of Irish football or rugby, try some of these games in honour of St. Patrick’s Day! Play a  game of Hot Potato or consider a “potato hunt” (think: Easter egg hunt but with small potatoes) or a “Pot o’ Gold” treasure hunt (a search for gold chocolate coins). All these easy household games will get your kids involved in St. Patrick’s Day and hopefully make them tired, a bit earlier!

2) Depending where you live, check local event listings for a St. Patrick’s Day parade! Dress in your best green attire, and get ready to watch some cool bagpipers, Irish step dancers, and fire engines roll through. It’s like Santa is coming to town 9 months early…. and is wearing green!

3) Stock up on green construction paper and craft supplies, and get creative with your little leprechauns. St. Patrick’s day crafts are adorable and make great party decorations or gifts for grandparents. Plus, who doesn’t love making crafts!

4) Eat some Irish food why don’t ya!!! Popular Celtic cuisine includes potato dishes , soda bread, meaty stews and dinner pies. So there’s plenty to choose from beyond not-so-kid-friendly corned beef and cabbage for your St.Patrick’s Day. Or simply dye some of your favorite treats, such as cupcakes and milkshakes, with green food colouring. What kid doesn’t love colourful food!

5)Learn, learn, learn! Take some time to explore the meaning of St. Patrick’s Day and test your family on some Irish trivia. Do you know why the shamrock is a symbol of St. Paddy’s Day? No! Well you should! Get the kids to ask the questions and see if they can stump their family members!

Finally… you can always do all 5 of these things in one night! After all, for most, St. Paddy’s is something that you do in excess!


If you have any cool St. Paddy’s Day traditions! Leave a comment below! And check out our Wee Love It Wednesday this week… for a little Green Envy!


Ciao!WLW Green Envy!