Summer – The Cheapest Time to Get Fit

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Working out consistently is probably one of the harder things to accomplish, especially as a new parent, or a parent in general, or even just a human.

The winter, in Canada in particular, makes it that much harder to get motivated and get fit. Plus the added pounds around Christmas is a pre-determined kryptonite of New Years resolutions.

Summer however, is the perfect time… We have some tips on what makes summer the best, and cheapest, time to get fit!



Beach Body Motivation

This is a no-brainer. During the summer everyone is constantly reminded by the beach and the abs and the tans. Of course, most of these bodies are unattainable in the short amount of time we have in the summer, but that doesn’t mean they are not a goal you can strive to reach!


The Weather

Another obvious factor… Jogging outside is way more enjoyable than a treadmill. Our suggestion is to find a local trail, and run through the woods. Bring bug spray though. Also, it’s a perfect time to play with your kids outside, that’s technically exercise! My Mom and I used to play badminton in the backyard or go bike riding. Find an active summer activity and do it with the kids!


Less Stress

Summer is often way less stressful. The weather is nicer, the kids aren’t in school, people are laid back and their minds are on a permanent vacation. Great time to make some healthy fruit smoothies and go work out! You can add some other liquid in afterward!



Gym’s have deals!

This is the most underrated of them all! Gym’s the most expensive institution ever created (alright not really, but they are not cheap!) usually have deals in the summer. Trial memberships are awesome! Or you can get a free month if you sign up with some friends! So grab a buddy or the hubby and hit the weights… Make sure you stretch!

Alternatively, there are lot more gyms popping up that are lower in price, For example, Fit 4 Less which is a subsidiary of Good Life offers memberships for as low as $9.99 a month! Now that’s cheap.



All in all, the sun, the warmth, the lack of stress, all point to summer being the best time to get fit, and hey… judging by weather patterns, the warmth might be extended into October!

How to Save Money as a Stay at Home Mom

save money as stay at home momIf you have decided to stay home with the kids (so you won’t have that second income), you might be looking for methods to save money. Even if you’re financially comfortable, there’s no harm in reducing your spending and cutting down on waste. Here are some ways you can save money as a stay at home mom.

1. Clip coupons.

Have you ever seen one of those couponing shows on TV? The subject of the episode will create an in-depth system of tracking coupons, store policies, and sale items. They’ll go into a store with a binder full of coupons and a plan, then manage to buy hundreds of dollars worth of products for pennies.

I’m not suggesting you go to those lengths, because even the people on the show will admit that such an extreme habit is full time work. But it’s a great example of just how powerful coupons and careful shopping can be if you pay attention to the sales and deals available.

2. Use cloth diapers.

In the western world, we potty train our children later than anywhere else. Over the course of the diaper wearing years, a family could spend $1,500 to $2,000 on disposables alone. Also, the impact on the environment of disposable diaper use is substantial.

3. Develop a meal plan.

Opening the fridge to see what’s available for dinner is a costly way to eat. If you use half an onion today, will you be able to use the other half before it spoils? You might forget that it’s there or be forced to use it for a meal you ordinarily wouldn’t so it doesn’t go bad. By building a meal plan each week, you can make sure you only buy the things you need and that everything you buy gets used.

4. Go on free outings.

It isn’t necessary to take your kids to the movies, the arcade, or the go-kart track every time you want to get them out of the house. There are plenty of free activities available in our communities that your kids will enjoy if you approach them correctly. Take them to the playground, the library, or a local event.

5. Give out homemade gifts.

Holidays are a tough period when you’re trying to stick to a budget. You want to give awesome gifts that people will remember, but those can be costly. Come up with something clever and personal you can make for your loved ones that doesn’t cost much. You might have to come up with these ideas a few months before the holiday to give yourself time to make it.

6. Attend a mom swap.

If you can’t find one of these, you might have to start one, but they’re worth it. A mom swap is when moms meet and bring their old toys and even some gently used clothes. They put all their contributions in a pile and take home something different. This way they get to bring home something “new” without spending a penny.

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