Beauty and Cosmetics during Pregnancy: The Good and the Bad


Every pregnant woman wants to look her best during her pregnancy, but it is hard to use the same makeup you used before you got pregnant. Pregnancy changes your body chemistry, the composition of your skin and the way your body looks in the light. Your makeup, fragrances and skincare regimen all must change during your pregnancy, and you may find they will stay changed after you have your baby.
How Your Makeup Reacts to Your Skin

The makeup you normally use may not react to your face as it always has. The color you use on your face may not look the same as it has in the past, and these colors may not stay on your face as they once had. It is possible that your makeup will cause you to break out in hives, or you may form a rash. You should consider changing your foundation, blush and powder during your pregnancy. The change in your body chemistry may require you to maintain this change in your makeup after you have your baby.


The skincare products you use may not give you the same results they once did. You are counting on your lotions and moisturizers to protect your skin, but these lotions may not do the job they once did. You cannot continue to use the same moisturizer if it does not help you, and your skin may dry out much faster than it would otherwise.

Your skincare regimen may need to increase when you are pregnant. Chronically dry skin is going to plague you when you are pregnant, and you may consider using more moisturizer than you did in the past. Many women resort to moisturizing their whole bodies every day, and you must keep up with this routine to prevent stretch marks. Do as much as you can to keep your skin moist and soft.

A woman who is not accustomed to wearing sunscreen may need to start using sunscreen during her pregnancy. Your olive complexion may have helped you a good bit at the beach, but you must start wearing sunscreen because your skin is so much more sensitive.

Women who do not typically use sunscreen may turn to a foundation that has sun protection built-in. You need to keep your skin from being damaged in the hot sun, and you must take steps that will prevent sunburn and sun damage.

Skin Irritation

You may go to bed with your makeup on after a long day, and your skin has never reacted poorly to your makeup. You must start washing your face every evening to ensure your skin is safe. You will likely feel a good bit of irritation when you leave your makeup on for too long, and you may need to use a professional makeup remover.

Daily Makeup Application

You should change from pads to sponges when you apply your makeup, and you may consider scaling back the amount of makeup you are putting on every day. Reduce the amount of makeup you are using to help your skin cope with your pregnancy. Your pregnancy is going to make your skin reject a good bit of your makeup, and the makeup that you choose to wear going forward should be as light as possible.

Your body will not respond well to all the makeup you typically wear. You must make a change that is going to help you look your best during your pregnancy. You may choose to keep these makeup changes after you have your baby, but you must make careful changes for the health of your skin. If you are unsure about certain cosmetic products while you are pregnant, it is wise to consult with a physician like Dr. Gilbert Webb, to see what is safe for you.


– Rachelle Wilber

Guest Contributor

Pregnant With Your First? 5 Ways to Prepare

Giving birth is no easy task, hence the term “labor”. The expectant mother has most likely read tons of material for preparing for the birth of their first child, but sometimes a quick checklist is the most helpful way to get ready for this life-changing event. Preparing ahead will help you feel more confident and in control. These five ways to prepare for your first can do just that.


Follow a Schedule of Prenatal Visits

Make a doctor’s appointment with your OB-GYN or specialist as soon as you think you are pregnant. They will be able to confirm your pregnancy and check your health as you progress. Expect a schedule that begins with monthly check-ups and ends with weekly ones. The doctor will check the growth of the fetus and perform special tests that can detect problems like high -risk symptoms early. These visits are important to avoid any complications that may arise with your pregnancy. If you are having a high-risk pregnancy then visits with a maternal fetal specialist, like Dr. Gilbert Webb, are all the more important.


Pre-register and Practice Checking In

Most hospitals and birthing centers are more than happy to have expectant parents pre-register for the event. This allows them to take care of your paperwork and insurance matters in advance. It is a good time to also find out what you should do to have the new family member added to your health insurance policy. Ask for a tour of the birthing area and nursery. Ask about your options. Scope out parking and entrances. Pretend it is 3 a.m. and you have just arrived!


Stock up on Supplies

Cooking up a few meals for the freezer will save you and your family time and energy once baby is born. Heat-and-eat meals will allow you more time to rest and be with your baby. Don’t forget easy-to-grab non-perishable healthy snacks like granola bars and dried fruit.

This is also the time to decide whether you are going to breastfeed or put your baby on formula. If breastfeeding, purchase a couple of comfortable nursing bras and a breast pump. For formula feeding, get a case of formula and your choice of bottles. Disposable ones will make life easier in the beginning.

Stocking up on plenty of “incidentals” will cut down on errand-running after the baby arrives. Don’t forget maxi-pads, baby wipes, a gentle stool softener, and, of course, newborn diapers.


Recruiting Outside Help

Friends and family will be invaluable during those first few weeks of new parenthood. Now is the time to ask and recruit. Have a cleaning service come right before your due date. Bringing home the new baby to a clean and neat home will feel good. Enlist the cleaners on a temporary basis while you get established as a new mom. It may sound like splurging, but you will find that it’s worth it to save your own energy for being with the baby.


Planning Transportation

It’s never too soon to purchase and install a proper infant car seat. Hospitals won’t allow you to leave without one. If you must take a taxi, practice installing it in another car a few times. Make sure the car has gas, or if you are using a taxi service, decide on which one and have the number in a handy spot. Plan out the best route from home to hospital. Consider possible traffic jams at certain times of the day and any road construction that is in progress. Together with your partner, take a few practice runs.

Waking up at 2 a.m. with labor pains or having your water break while at work or lunch are not the times for packing your bag for a hospital stay. At least two weeks before your due date, pack up and put your bag in an easy-to-spot location. Pack a comfy gown and robe, slippers, and personal items you will need. Don’t forget a coming-home outfit for you and the baby.

These tips can help first-time mothers feel in control. And being in control can help you relax and enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience,



A great guest blog from our friend Brooke Chaplan!


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All Ages Welcome! – Top 5 Family Sports Regardless of Age!

Active-Family-1-e1344356304521Staying active is integral to maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

There’s no better way to instil the need for activity then playing sports with your kids as a family!

And despite the popular notion, there is no age limit!

Here are 5 family sports that you can play with your kids, no matter their age, from strollers to scooters to sports cars.


1) Swimming

This is a no brainer! Toddlers in pools are an age old practice, and it helps promote family activity, fun and fitness. According to multiple studies, swimming is the best workout anyone can get. There is limited stress on muscles, and more games to play than you can count. Not overlooking the fact that learning how to swim at a young age can one day save lives.

photo 2

2) Biking

Grab your bikes and hit a trail! Biking as a family is an overall great experience for your kids and you. With the Sun out, sunscreen and water are integral! Throw a seat on the back of your bike for your 6 month old and even if they start napping halfway through the ride, the family is still all together! Wee Urban’s President Holly Maclean just participated in the Rouge Valley 10K with her family, and it was an amazing experience that she recommends for all!


3) Skating

Get a stroller with some blades on it, or hey, the wheels might work just fine on ice. There’s ways to have family fun in the winter too! Go Skating! Especially if you’re from the great white north, skating is basically a must in the winter. There’s always public skating happening during the year, it’s free and it’s great family fun! So check with your local township for schedules! Well, in a couple months…


4) Rollerblading

It’s skating… but in the summer. Rollerblading is great for families as well and it’s cost effective as you can find good rollerblades for cheap. Put baby in a stroller, strap some helmets, gloves, knees and elbow pads on the kids and get out on a trail or find an indoor rink somewhere. These are rare, but they are out there.


5) Tobogganing

Another winter go-to. You can get family sleds that fit 4 people, hold on tight to the little one and go down a small hill. A little bit more risky, but totally worth it with the fun that they will have. Tobogganing is winter… they are basically synonymous… Go have fun, get the kids home and dry, make some hot chocolate, throw on a fire, and they’ll be lights out in less than 20!


Family sports do more than just make your kids fall asleep (which is a plus) They also promote physical activity, family commitment and communication and brings you closer to your kids. It might even inspire them to further pursue some sort of sport or at the very least physical activity.

Check out the map of Holly’s ride!



And of course what happened to her 2 boys Zachary and Jacob once they got into the car.

photo 4photo 3


Go for a family bike ride, and then enjoy your quiet coffee time right after!

Thanks for reading!


– Devin Sarges

5 Quick Ways Sports Help Your Kids Grow


Sport participation in North America is on the decline, and childhood obesity is on the rise. This is a problem, based on the fact (as I contradict myself by writing a blog) that technology is on the rise, and so is how much money organized sports cost. With the cost of living getting higher and wages not keeping up, we understand how hard it is for kids to get into sports at a young age, especially if you have multiple kids. That being said, if you have any money left over, and have been thinking about it. Here are 5 ways why sports is so important to a child’s development, some of which you may not think of.

This is straight from our very own Devin Sarges, who as a kid playing sports, has first hand experience with what they can do.


#1) Physical Activity

Yeah it seems redundant. Everyone talks about how kids need to get physical activity everyday to live a healthy life. They’re right, it is truly essential that kids stay physically active and there is no better way to do it then through organized sport. It is way more fun for them as the element of winning and playing is intertwined into a moderated and officiated where physical activity is encouraged. It is creating a space that is away from home, school, or just plain old outside. This is a place where expectations to move and run and play are encouraged for all. It is also more enjoyable for you parents who get to see your kids play and have fun, it’s as entertaining for you as it is for them.

#2) Teamwork

Especially in team sports, the ability to work together with your peers is something that transcends to every day life as they get older. It doesn’t matter what profession they go into, they will have to work and coexist with other people. Sports teaches kids to respect others at a young age and to recognize strengths and weaknesses of others and themselves while working towards a common goal. Many people cast away kids as unintelligent, but they really do notice these things even at a young age. They are able to recognize the differences between themselves and others, because sports gives them a platform where that is a non-issue. There is always differences in sports but as long as you can play, there is a team that you can play on. Whether it be house league, or AAA, the need for teamwork is still there.


#3) Friends

From teamwork, comes friends. Personally speaking, I have more friends that have stuck with me that I made through sports than I did anywhere else. Even my friends from school, our relationships were further cemented by a mutual love of a sport. Don’t get me wrong, sports are not for every kid, but every kid should at least try something out. You never know what can happen. These friends that I made also shared in some of my fondest memories growing up. Some people see sports only at face value, but in fact there is a much deeper connection between the friends you make while on a team. The funny thing is, no matter how well you perform on the field, ice, pitch, court, it’s the memories in the locker room, at team parties, at hotels for tournaments… Those are what stick with you the most, and those are what further form our children to make lifelong bonds.

#4) Accountability

Sports actually gives our children a heightened ability to be accountable for mistakes and actions. You give the puck away in hockey, make a bad throw in baseball,  and it costs your team something. In the grand scheme of life, this one act has absolutely no barring on anything. Yet, as our children live in the present, and think in the present, it matters a lot to them. It becomes a safe environment where they can do things wrong, make mistakes, and the repercussions are limited and realistically, do not matter in day to day life. I learned at a young age that there are certain things that are acceptable in sports and in life and they actually mirror each other. It’s wrong to say something mean to a Referee or Umpire, just like it’s wrong to do the same to a Police Officer. In Sports, like school our kids are taught to be accountable for their actions, the only difference being, on the field, you don’t get any cooler by doing things wrong, or being bad.

#5) Accepting Defeat

Oh isn’t this just the Cats Pajamas? You mean sports teaches our children the SINGLE most important thing that they can learn in childhood? Yes it does. No matter how good someone is at a sport, they will lose. It’s impossible to be perfect in games that are imperfect. Your children will fail in sports, a lot… and that my friends, is a good thing! Kids failing at sports, not a big deal, failing in school, bigger deal, failing at life. HUGE DEAL. That being said, in every facet of our life, we are going to lose. Whether it be when we go after a boy or girl in high school and they end up liking someone else, or we apply for a job and don’t get it. We will lose and because I lost in sports many times as a kid, I know that the sun will come up the next day regardless if I lost out on that girl, or job or game. I know that no matter the outcome, I will be able to move on and move forward. Isn’t that what we all want for our kids, to have the ability to learn when they are young so they can keep moving forward and becoming smart and caring adults. When they lose, they know what it feels like. So when they see someone else lose, they are empathetic. Sports may create rivalries and a sense of entitlement to a certain team or athlete, but it also makes our kids empathetic. They are taught the ability to feel sorry for the losing team, or the one kid who made a mistake, because they have been in the same shoes before.



The Sporting world is a metaphor for every day life. Those who work harder, will achieve more. They will still lose, but they will have the ability to move on from defeat. They will learn to be empathetic, to work as a team, they will grow in terms of fitness and they will make everlasting friends.

Kids in sports is a dying trend, but it shouldn’t because as a University student who is extremely passionate about his studies, I can confidently tell you this. Sports taught me more things about life, than school ever did.


Thanks for reading.


Devin Sarges.

3 Key Ways Pets Influence Children

A Wee Urban Guest Blog from Melissa Stevens!

Raising a child may be the most fulfilling process a human can experience, but it is truly based on a bittersweet mixture of events and emotions. Of course, the bitter part emerges from all the worries and anxiety that being responsible for another (helpless) human being can cause. The sweet part comprises all the beautiful moments that make up parenthood. If a parent wants to make a child’s upbringing even more interesting and colorful, getting a pet is a fabulous way to do it. Pets affect children’s development in an extraordinarily beneficial way.


Boosting Imagination

One of the most important things that should be encouraged while a child is growing is the development of imagination. The evolution of the cognitive part of the child’s brain should be boosted from the earliest age. Sure, reading stories and playing with your child will give incentive to the development of both kinesthetic and mental skills, but if you add a pet to this cognition-boost set, the outcome will be even better. You can introduce different pets to your child and encourage him or her to become interested in them, as well as develop a higher level of empathy. In addition, reading to them about animals will help bolster your child(ren)’s imagination even more. As they get older, they will develop a life-long, animal-friendly attitude.

Stronger Family Bonds

Many families have problems when it comes to spending time together, but a pet can turn the things upside down and give birth to a special bond within your family. Instead of staring at TV every night of the week, you could spend at least a couple of nights playing with the pet and teaching your child how to treat it in the best way. Also, such occasions are a great opportunity to create a sense of togetherness, and teach your child that many things can be done more easily if all the family members participate. It could be mere dog/cat brushing, but you could also be something more involved, like a flea and tick or cleaning up after the pet, to introduce your child(ren) to some less pleasant duties that come with pet owning.


Pet-Related Duties For Better Working Habits

A child can be brought up in many ways and every mother develops and applies some special rules of her own. But making a pet become a part of your child’s life usually has one common effect in most of the pet-having families – they become organized in a better way. Smaller pets, like tortoises and budgies are not that demanding, so they could be very attractive first pets for the beginning of your child’s active pet-owning life. For starters, kids will learn to feed them on a regular basis and become aware that animals also need emotional approval from their owners. Perhaps once children learn those skills, they may be ready for a cat or a dog. That way they will be taught that a larger pet causes more responsibility, just as it is the case with real life.

It is clear that a great bond can be established between a pet and a child, but every parent should understand that only with their help will children be able to develop special feelings for pets, and learn how to behave towards pets (and people) in an appropriate way. A pet can be great fun for the entire family, but it also requires a lot of care and attention, just like a child.

Image source

About author

Melissa Stevens is healthy lifestyle and environmentally friendly living enthusiast and huge animal lover! All relevant information for this article she got from experts from Stefmar. She is interested in practical solutions for simpler and more convenient life, and she likes sharing them with others. Thank you Melissa!


5 Secrets Moms Learn When They Have a Baby

things you learn after becoming a motherThe moment has come! Your baby is born and you’re finally a mom. You may think you’re prepared for everything, but there will be a few things that will surprise you. After having your baby, you’ll have to change, adapt, and learn new things. Here are five surprising things you learn after becoming a mom:

1) Babies go to bed early

One of the first things you expect when you have a baby is that you won’t be getting a lot of sleep, which is true. What you probably didn’t expect is that your baby will go to bed early. Once they start sleeping through the night, you will find yourself with a lot of free time, time that you didn’t think you were going to have!

2) Breastfeeding can be difficult

Most moms want to breastfeed their babies because of how beneficial it can be. What you don’t know before you have your baby is that it can also be really difficult! Most women pre-baby think that they just latch on and suck, but it can be more complicated than that. Luckily for mom, there are tons of resources dedicated to breastfeeding to help.

3) Real life trumps baby books

All the books you read prior to baby coming can’t fully prepare you for the actual baby. The best way you are going to learn how to be a parent is by parenting. Yes, it’s scary, but all parents go through it, you’re not alone! After the first few months you will get a hang of it, but at first, you will be shocked that your baby books didn’t teach you everything there is to know about parenting. Leave that up to real life!

4) You’ll eat healthier

Once you have a baby, everything is going to change. One really positive change you will experience is eating healthier. Now that you have a baby, you have someone else to worry about. You want to be around for their 15th birthday and able to play around with them for a long time, so being unhealthy is not an option. You will also want your baby to eat healthy, so the whole family will also be eating healthier.

5) You will be late

Before baby you might have been on time for everything, expect to be late to most things post- baby. A lot of moms don’t realize that having a baby is a lot of work, and there are tons of things you have to do, which will make you late for things. The good thing is that people will understand you have a baby and be forgiving.

baby headrestGuest blog by Alicia Overby – Founder & President of Baby Elephant Ears

Alicia is wife, mother, and creator of Baby Elephant Ears. Baby Elephant Ears was created out of parental concern, not financial desire. In 2005, when their second child was an infant, he cried all the time and just couldn’t seem to get comfortable.

After seeking advice and suggestion from the medical community and alternative medicine, they eventually ended up in the chiropractors office where their baby was successfully treated for asubluxation, discomfort most likely the result of the strain during labor, which was now being exacerbated by the normal lack of infant neck strength. Only proper neck, head, and back alignment would offer him relief. When they couldn’t find a product to give their baby the necessary support, Alicia took matters into her own hands and crafted her own infant support pillow. The first Baby Elephant Ears was born!

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Stay Calm as a Parent Using These 5 Tips

tips for staying calm as a parentAs a parent, it’s easy to become stressed, especially if you have multiple children. You are responsible for the care of other people and want to do everything in your power to keep them safe, and prepare them for the world. Furthermore, you have your own life to think about; your own obligations and dreams. That’s a big weight to carry around. When you become so stressed you can hardly think and start yelling, you won’t be helping anyone. Use these five tips to stay calm as a parent.

1. Stop over-parenting.

One of the hardest parts of parenting is backing off, but it’s absolutely necessary to develop well-rounded people. You will cause yourself a lot of stress and anxiety if you feel compelled to run to your child every time he whimpers. Let your kids handle some of their own struggles while you watch from afar (when it’s safe, of course). Let the tantrum pass without addressing it. If your daughter has a disagreement with a schoolmate, give her a minute to work it out. You’ll be surprised how many problems don’t require your interference.

2. You aren’t just a parent.

In the early years of your child’s life, you spend a majority of your time parenting, but as they age you’ll find yourself with more free time. Don’t let parenthood define your life. Remember all the other things you like doing or the places you like going. Make time for that type of stuff. Reconnect with your friends and pick up old hobbies. When your son or daughter doesn’t want to spend time with you, don’t despair or feel abandoned. Further, your children will benefit by seeing you as a well-rounded person.

3. Remember that your kids are different people.

It’s natural to want what’s best for your children; to see them success and have fulfilling lives. But you have to remember that they are not the same as you. They have different hopes and dreams. They will be interested in different activities and hobbies, and have different skills and talents. Trying to change them will just cause you stress. If your son doesn’t enjoy baseball, he doesn’t like baseball. It’s not worth the battle to make him like it because you do. You’ll just strain the relationship.

4. Simplify your life.

Overscheduling your lives is a quick path to regular tantrums. You and I are able to bear down and push through a busy day, but our children may not have that level of self-control. When they start to feel stressed, they let us know. It isn’t necessary to get everything done in a day. The dry cleaning will be there tomorrow, it’s alright if you miss a yoga class, and the laundry will be fine in the basket for a while. Lighten your kids’ schedules, too, so they don’t feel pressured.

5. Understand you aren’t being manipulated.

It’s easy to take your child’s poor behavior. When he’s pouting the store or she’s screaming at the bank, we often feel like they’re punishing us. The truth is that young children don’t misbehave to spite you. They are testing your boundaries because that’s how they learn; they haven’t picked up the nuances of behavior yet. Every time you correct them, they learn a little more. Understand that their misunderstandings of etiquette aren’t personal.

booster seat headrestWritten by Jason Arriola, President of Cardiff Products

Jason is a father of twin boys, husband, and the inventor of the revolutionary Booster Seat Headrest, an innovative headrest for children to sleep comfortably while in the car. The first of its kind, the Booster Seat Headrest features a flexible design that allows for 14 fully adjustable settings to meet the height and comfort needs of users of all sizes. When not in use, it simply flips up for stowage completely out of the way. The padded arms of the headrest feature soft, padded fabric sleeves which are also removable and machine washable for easy cleaning. In addition they offer themed fabric prints allowing you to personalize your headrest to suit your style. Once you see your child sleeping comfortably in the car, you won’t believe you ever drove a mile without the Booster Seat Headrest!

Visit for more information and like Cardiff Products on Facebook and click the Giveaway tab to enter monthly giveaways!

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5 Dinner Table Games

family dinner table gamesOur busy schedules can make spending proper bonding time with our families difficult. We want to have quality time, but between work, school, activities, lessons, and chores, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. If you’re lucky enough to have the time to spend dinner together, use that as an opportunity to play some fun games to reconnect as a family. Normally your kids may run off to the TV or video game console after eating, but with these games they might prefer to stick around.

Who Would You Invite?

Ask each person at the table who they would like to invite for dinner. They have to come up with good reasons why they would spend time with this person, and even propose some questions they might ask. Ask them to imagine what king of antics that person would get into. Challenge them to recall someone from their school lessons and explain why they would make a good guest.

Finish the Story

This is a collaborative give game that will make anyone laugh. One person starts the story with a sentence or two. Then next person adds a little bit. Go around the table with each person continuing the tale. Stop every once in a while to recap what’s happened so far for younger minds that can’t remember it all. Try to establish a conclusion to your story before dinner ends.


Pig is a simple tabletop game that requires a set of dice (usually two to four). Even though it requires a prop, it won’t take up too much rom on your table. The goal is for each player to roll the dice until they add up to 100, but if they roll a 1, their score is reset to 0. This is a great game for teaching your children math skills while having fun.

A Day in Review

First pick a letter of the alphabet. Then, each person has to go around the table and say ten things about their day without using words that start with that letter. If someone uses the unavailable letter, they are to be challenged to remake their statement with a different word. This game will help your children experiment with language.

Who Am I?

Without revealing your choice, pick a person that everyone at the table knows. It could be a family member, friend, person from history, or celebrity. Give a brief narrative about yourself without giving away too much. Players should ask you questions until they can figure out who you are. The first person to guess your identity wins and get play the next role. For older children, limit the questions to only those with “yes” or “no” answers.

organic baby toddler clothingWritten by Holly MacLean from Wee Urban

As a new mom, Holly was driven to start Wee Urban™ to offer the modern family a unique and fresh collection of eco-friendly baby gear and accessories that goes beyond the conventional and explores the exceptional! Tired of traditional pinks and blues and cute motifs, we offer sophisticated designs, “conscious” organic alternatives, practical functionality and superior quality. Using our custom certified organic cotton blends, low-impact dyes, and other trendsetting fabrics, we hope to inspire families to be make better choices and of course- do it all in urban style!

Beyond our organic cotton and azo-free dyes, Wee Urban uses 100% post-consumer packaging and tags for our Wee Dreams™ Sleep Bags. Our distinctive screen-printing is done with 100% eco-inks and are all phthalate free.

We also recycle our remnants and donate as much as possible to local elementary schools to help with arts and crafts programs.

For more information, visit

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