Eight Ways to Travel with your Kids to Keep Calm and “Carry On”

Happy March Break to all! Although we are not heading south this month, I absolutely love traveling with my kids and thought Id share some of my fav tips to keep calm and “carry-on.”

  1. Keep Calm and the Carry On: Kids only get a carry-on bag. Yup- that’s right!  I can’t stress enough how much this can change your life.  When down south, kids spend 90% of this time in their bathing suits and you can recycle several shorts and T’s throughout the week’s duration. (assuming its just for a week). Next, bring your own mini bottle of washing detergent and a scrub brush just in case. Check out this article by The Mommy Insider for her picks for the Best Rolling Bags for Kids.
  1. Pack like a PRO: Keep it simple, and pack darker colored T’s as they will hide the stains, shorts or dresses with pockets, so they can stash some mini cars, cards or poly pockets.  These will provide a small window of entertainment, albeit small, but as parents – we’ll take anything!
  1. Beach Bags for all: Find your kids a small beach bag so they carry their own #*it to the beach. Even if they are still in a stroller, giving them a sense of ownership for the items they want to have at the pool or the beach is a great lesson to instill at any age.
  1. Snack Master:General Mills Cheerioes, as photographed for WikipediaI like to manipulate my kids into having downtime by using snacks- really …really… small… snacks.  Never leave for vacation without 2-3 plastic sandwich bags or a few small Tupperware containers.  At the breakfast area, they’ll be the typical selection of cereals and this is the time to stock up.  Think about it, why give them a single granola bar, when you can give them 100 Cheerios? The smaller the snack, the longer the time it will take your kiddos to consume. Quick, grab the Kobo and everyone relax on those blue beach loungers:)

5. Holy Sheet- Ask your Chambermaid for an extra sheet.  My kids again, love to snack and since they burn so much more energy while on vacation, snacking before breakfast and bedtime is a regular thing for us. Put down the extra sheet over the bed so all the crumbs, cracker bits, and any sand can easily be scooped up and shaken outside. This tip is especially important to avoid all ant and cockroach visitations.

  1. Download: One of my favorite things to do is download a series of songs to help motivate my kids to move faster or head to bed.  My kids love Enya and will tolerate Jazz and Classical music before bed and we carry on with this routine while on vacation.  To create an upbeat vibe, I love to use Score 1 on the Mission Impossible soundtrack.It’s a blast to watch the kids react to the music as they get ready for the day or for family dinner. (Personally, I have this song on my iphone and it’s a track to listen to if you’re in a hurry and need to get a few things at the grocery store- so fun!)
  1. Let there be Light– Kids love to explore so pack a few mini flashlights or even better head lights.We often go bug hunting or for a walk on the beach after dinner, so these really come in handy.  Not to mention you’ll be able to see your kiddos when they run a head of you in the dark.  Try the Coleman venison here available on Amazon. fridayblog-2

8.Tune in and TV Out– As I look back at the few times we have traveled as a family, the moments I treasure the most are when we eat together. It’s a real treat to go to a restaurant without having dozens of TV’s, unnecessary noise and images distracting from the family narrative. To cultivate more of these memories, bring along a few card games, and invest in those mini travel games to keep everyone talking.  “Eye spy with my little eye”, a family that looks connected, happy and rested.  Have a great March Break to all.









Written by Holly MacLean, B.A, B.ED, Mother of two, Energizer Bunny Owner of the Wee Urban Ltd, Toronto, Canada

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Wee Urban’s Top 2 Organic Brands and Stores



This was so hard…

Narrowing down so many brands that are all great, was basically impossible. So we did some research and found two brands, that other people agree with us on and decided to highlight those. For the stores, we chose from stores that Wee Urban is featured in and two of our favourites.



Kate Quinn Organics

Best For | Fair-Trade, Certified Organic Products
Products | Apparel, Bedding, Accessories, Gifts
Price Range | $22-48

Kate Quinn Organics is committed not only to mom and baby, but also to the environment and the earth through their Fair Trade and certified organic products. Their clean lines, fresh look, and beautiful textures make each and every outfit perfect for a mini-fashionista. All aspects of their products are GOTS-certified cotton and dyes with low environmental impact – what more could you ask for?


Mini Mioche

Best For | Fair-Trade Lifestyle Items
Products | Slippers, Apparel, Swaddle, Toys
Price Range | $15-$45

Mini Mioche is your one-stop shop for all your fair-trade needs, from fashionable harem pants and peplum tops for your baby, to baby jelly and creams for mom. We especially love that every piece created by Mini Mioche is designed and made locally in Canada, with stunning neutral non-toxic dyes and super soft organic cotton. You never knew you needed an eco-friendly organic cotton romper before now.




Baby Joy

One of our newer organic driven stores, Baby Joy has everything you need if you’re interested in an ethical product rather than a price conscience one. They have a large selection, and the ability to buy online which is awesome!

Here’s what they say about themselves: BabyJoy.ca, formerly BabyOrganicJoy.ca, is Canada’s online premier organic and natural baby store (based in Toronto). We provide parents in Canada with the convenience of one-stop organic shopping from the comfort of their home. Organic, natural, non-toxic, chemical-free, and eco-friendly baby products are all we carry in our extensive online store.

Here’s the link to their online store.


100 Mile Child

100 Mile Child has been a Wee Urban partner since as early as we can remember. They are an amazing group of individuals who are committed to bringing great and safe products into the homes of Canadians!

Here’s what they say about themselves:  We are a Toronto based Canadian company that believes that as consumers we have the power to bring about positive change through conscientious purchasing. Our products have been carefully selected for their educational, environmental, social and safety considerations. We do the research, so you don’t have to! In our range, you will find games that encourage cooperation, clothes made from natural fibres, toys handcrafted from recycled materials and much more!

Here’s their website.

Thanks for reading! Stay green… and don’t forget Earth Day was Friday, April 22nd, but everyday should be Earth Day!


Wee Love it Wednesday – Black Friday Edition

What is better than giveaways and ridiculously good deals?

Both of them! At the same time!

Here’s this week’s Wee Love It Wednesday! wliw-nov25



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Outfitting the Kids: How Parents can save on School Clothes

Outfitting the Kids How Parents can Save on School Clothes

Between book bags, lunchboxes, shoes, and a nearly endless list of school and classroom supplies, back to school shopping can really add up. In addition to the initial costs, kids just keep growing, so school clothes typically have to be replenished throughout the year. Below are some easy ways parents can save on school clothes this year and get the best deals.

Shop Used

Shopping consignment shops or yard sales can help drastically reduce your bill, while still allowing you to get cute and high quality clothes. Consignment shopping has increased significantly in popularity, as families seek to save money and benefit the environment. If you are interested, there is likely a consignment shop in your area and there are also many reputable online shops that sell quality used clothing at a fraction of the cost of new.
Take Advantage of Coupons and Sales
Many stores offer deep discounts, online deals, and coupons to loyal customers. Take advantage of these sales and coupons. If you need coupons for a certain store and have already used yours, ask around with friends. Swapping coupons is a great way to help ensure everyone gets coupons they can best use. Don’t throw away unused coupons or go shopping at your favorite store without some on hand. The internet and social media have made coupon swapping even easier and more convenient. Sites like Discountrue also offer brand name discounts like kohls.com coupons and more.
Think Gender Neutral When Appropriate
If you have multiple children, hand-me-downs can be a huge help when it comes to saving money. Unfortunately, if you have children of the opposite gender, the opportunities to pass clothes down are much fewer. Think ahead and try to buy gender neutral when appropriate. Most clothing available is gendered one way of the other, but other items such as rain slickers, snow pants, and mud boots can easily be gender neutral and passed down from boy to girl or vice versa.
Make a List
Though typically thought of when going to the grocery store, making lists can be just as beneficial to the school shopper. It is easy to get sucked into the vortex of school supplies and clothes and over-buy on certain items while forgetting others. If you have children shopping with you, it can become a free-for-all as they toss things into the cart. Having a disciplined approach and a list that needs checked off can make shopping less chaotic and less expensive.

Back to school time is full of change, excitement, and apprehension for many kids and families. Trying to make school shopping fun and special for kids without breaking your wallet can be difficult, but not impossible. Keep your eyes open for deals and be creative with how and where you spend your money.



~ Brooke Chaplan ~


Another amazing article from Brooke, and at the best time possible! School on the horizon, everyone needs a deal!

5 Quick Ways Sports Help Your Kids Grow


Sport participation in North America is on the decline, and childhood obesity is on the rise. This is a problem, based on the fact (as I contradict myself by writing a blog) that technology is on the rise, and so is how much money organized sports cost. With the cost of living getting higher and wages not keeping up, we understand how hard it is for kids to get into sports at a young age, especially if you have multiple kids. That being said, if you have any money left over, and have been thinking about it. Here are 5 ways why sports is so important to a child’s development, some of which you may not think of.

This is straight from our very own Devin Sarges, who as a kid playing sports, has first hand experience with what they can do.


#1) Physical Activity

Yeah it seems redundant. Everyone talks about how kids need to get physical activity everyday to live a healthy life. They’re right, it is truly essential that kids stay physically active and there is no better way to do it then through organized sport. It is way more fun for them as the element of winning and playing is intertwined into a moderated and officiated where physical activity is encouraged. It is creating a space that is away from home, school, or just plain old outside. This is a place where expectations to move and run and play are encouraged for all. It is also more enjoyable for you parents who get to see your kids play and have fun, it’s as entertaining for you as it is for them.

#2) Teamwork

Especially in team sports, the ability to work together with your peers is something that transcends to every day life as they get older. It doesn’t matter what profession they go into, they will have to work and coexist with other people. Sports teaches kids to respect others at a young age and to recognize strengths and weaknesses of others and themselves while working towards a common goal. Many people cast away kids as unintelligent, but they really do notice these things even at a young age. They are able to recognize the differences between themselves and others, because sports gives them a platform where that is a non-issue. There is always differences in sports but as long as you can play, there is a team that you can play on. Whether it be house league, or AAA, the need for teamwork is still there.


#3) Friends

From teamwork, comes friends. Personally speaking, I have more friends that have stuck with me that I made through sports than I did anywhere else. Even my friends from school, our relationships were further cemented by a mutual love of a sport. Don’t get me wrong, sports are not for every kid, but every kid should at least try something out. You never know what can happen. These friends that I made also shared in some of my fondest memories growing up. Some people see sports only at face value, but in fact there is a much deeper connection between the friends you make while on a team. The funny thing is, no matter how well you perform on the field, ice, pitch, court, it’s the memories in the locker room, at team parties, at hotels for tournaments… Those are what stick with you the most, and those are what further form our children to make lifelong bonds.

#4) Accountability

Sports actually gives our children a heightened ability to be accountable for mistakes and actions. You give the puck away in hockey, make a bad throw in baseball,  and it costs your team something. In the grand scheme of life, this one act has absolutely no barring on anything. Yet, as our children live in the present, and think in the present, it matters a lot to them. It becomes a safe environment where they can do things wrong, make mistakes, and the repercussions are limited and realistically, do not matter in day to day life. I learned at a young age that there are certain things that are acceptable in sports and in life and they actually mirror each other. It’s wrong to say something mean to a Referee or Umpire, just like it’s wrong to do the same to a Police Officer. In Sports, like school our kids are taught to be accountable for their actions, the only difference being, on the field, you don’t get any cooler by doing things wrong, or being bad.

#5) Accepting Defeat

Oh isn’t this just the Cats Pajamas? You mean sports teaches our children the SINGLE most important thing that they can learn in childhood? Yes it does. No matter how good someone is at a sport, they will lose. It’s impossible to be perfect in games that are imperfect. Your children will fail in sports, a lot… and that my friends, is a good thing! Kids failing at sports, not a big deal, failing in school, bigger deal, failing at life. HUGE DEAL. That being said, in every facet of our life, we are going to lose. Whether it be when we go after a boy or girl in high school and they end up liking someone else, or we apply for a job and don’t get it. We will lose and because I lost in sports many times as a kid, I know that the sun will come up the next day regardless if I lost out on that girl, or job or game. I know that no matter the outcome, I will be able to move on and move forward. Isn’t that what we all want for our kids, to have the ability to learn when they are young so they can keep moving forward and becoming smart and caring adults. When they lose, they know what it feels like. So when they see someone else lose, they are empathetic. Sports may create rivalries and a sense of entitlement to a certain team or athlete, but it also makes our kids empathetic. They are taught the ability to feel sorry for the losing team, or the one kid who made a mistake, because they have been in the same shoes before.



The Sporting world is a metaphor for every day life. Those who work harder, will achieve more. They will still lose, but they will have the ability to move on from defeat. They will learn to be empathetic, to work as a team, they will grow in terms of fitness and they will make everlasting friends.

Kids in sports is a dying trend, but it shouldn’t because as a University student who is extremely passionate about his studies, I can confidently tell you this. Sports taught me more things about life, than school ever did.


Thanks for reading.


Devin Sarges.